LANDING LAW OFFICES is a full-service law firm with main office in Shanghai. The firm was founded in 2004 and it is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative law firms with the principle of "absolute specialization, strong internationalization and relatively large scale"​. Landing aims to portray the global pavilion space and strive to become the top tire international law firm. Every Landing lawyer practices in their specialized area along with two sub-practicing-areas. We are committed to give realistic legal and appropriate advice in the covered sector of commodities, infrastructures, energy, real estate & construction, financial institution, healthcare pharmaceuticals, industries, telecommunications, media, entertainment & technology as well as consumer retail in China. Landing has domestic branches in Fuzhou, Hangzhou. It has overseas branches in United States, India (Delhi, Mumbai and Pune), Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines and Cambodia.Our future “territory”covers most of the developing countries all over the world. With access to a global platform, our experienced attorneys and lawyers in 11 locations around the world works with clients to help them understand local challenges, navigate through regional complexity and find commercial solutions that deliver a competitive advantage for our clients.

In accordance with the principles of adhering to professional skills and adhering to the principle of "one principal and two auxiliary",each lawyer of Landing follows the professional orientation, thus making a clear division of work between the team members in various fields of expertise

Landing has always insisted on a prospective of internationalization: When Chinese clients begin to invest in developing countries around the world; Landing seizes the historical opportunity of “The Belt and Road”, and aims to forming the global legal service network in 5 years

Blindly pursuit of large-scale law firms will lead the development of our firms into the wrong path, so we pursue the relatively large scale and at the same time Landing does not ignore the promotion of the "intermarket" effect and professional work division brought about by large scale, hence Landing will control the development speed of our law firm






Large Scale

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