David Li Leads Seminar on Investment in Malaysia and Gives Professional Presentation

On 6 July 2022, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Shanghai Landing Law Offices jointly hosted an online seminar on investment in Malaysia. Liu Yixing, Chairman of the Landing Law Office, David Li, and Hu Min shared speeches for the forum. David Li moderated the forum. At the conference, David shared the "Investment Dispute Resolution in Malaysia", and analyzed dispute resolution that may arise in the process of investing in Malaysia. David suggested choosing international arbitration as a method of dispute resolution and talked about the advantages of international arbitration as well as the choice of reputable international arbitration institutions. Then he analyzes the dispute resolution provisions in Malaysia and China's bilateral investment agreement and the remedies available if investors’ interests are harmed for the reason of Malaysia's government. He also enumerates three arbitration cases concerning investors in China where the government of Malaysia was the defendant.

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