Dangers of Full Payment in International Trade Lawyer Li Recovered the Remaining Funds for a South African Company

One South African Company (the plaintiff) purchased all-in-one computers from one Ningbo Company (the defendant) in 2013. However, the Ningbo Company only delivered a part of the contracted goods and delayed the rest due to their own reasons after the claimant paid in full. Therefore, the South African Company asked for contract termination and refund the overpayment of $60,000. The defendant agreed with the proposal but didn’t returned the money.


One year after the letter of Debts and Collections, the disputes have not been resolved. In 2015, the South African Company duly authorized Lawyer Li to file a lawsuit. Meanwhile, Lawyer Li also carried out the negotiation with the Ningbo Company. Consequently, the Ningbo Company was compelled to refund the declared payment with partial interest during the litigation procedure.


The successful resolution of dispute in such an efficient manner makes the client very satisfactory.