Lawyer David Li settled the Debt Dispute through English Arbitration

One construction company (applicant) in Jiangsu undertook the construction project subcontracted by the Singapore company in 2006. After the completion of the project in 2009, the remaining balance was not paid. After several reminders sent, there are still more than 3 million yuan outstanding.


In 2016, the applicant entrusted David Lee to settle the project dispute and submitted the case to Zhuhai Arbitration Commission as agreed in the contract, which stipulated that the arbitration shall be conducted in English. David Lee and his colleagues submitted the application materials as required by the arbitration rules and attended the English hearing. After two hearing sessions, most of the applicants' requests were granted by the Zhuhai Arbitration Commission.


Arbitration in English language does not only require a high level of English proficiency, but also require familiarity with the arbitration rules. Such services could be only provided by professional dispute resolution lawyers. The arbitration cases represented by David have been ranging from traditional “onshore” PRC arbitration to “offshore” overseas arbitration with the foot-steps of PRC companies to go abroad