Senior Partner at Landing Law Offices

Attorney-at-law, Bachelor of Economics, Master of Laws, Deputy of Landing International Investment and Trade, Deputy of Landing Cross-border Trade Dispute Resolution, Member of International Trade Research Committee/ Shanghai Bar Association, Practice since 2006

Practice Areas:
International Commercial Dispute Resolution
International Trade
Outbound Investment

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Yu Benjun is a Senior Partner of Landing Nanjing Office, he earned his Bachelor law degree at Anhui University, LLM at Nanjing University, and LLM of Chicago Kent School of Law. He is a member of Belt and Road Professional Committee of Shanghai Bar Association. Mr. Yu once visited a law firm in Cyprus for a brief exchange visit. With years of practice accumulation, overseas work and study experience, and the language ability of TEM8, Mr. Yu specializes in equity disputes in cross-border investment and M&A and related legal matters within the area of international commercial affairs. He co-authored The Practical Guide to Immigration for Foreign Investment, published by Beijing Law Press. As a special lecturer for China Council for the Promotion of International Trade for a long time, Mr. Yu has traveled around China with the Council to give lectures to foreign-related enterprises about the prevention of legal risks for Chinese enterprises going global.

Beng Jun Yu


Zhou Shichao is a Partner of Landing Shenzhen office. His practice covers international investment and trade, corporate equity and dispute resolution. BA in English/IP by Nanjing University of Science and Technology and LLM in Nanjing University. Holds the qualifications of TEM-8 Test English, senior interpretation in Shanghai Foreign Language, private fund practitioner qualification and securities practitioner qualification.

Representing many international trade disputes, arbitrations and litigations between companies from USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Norway, Myanmar and other countries and Chinese companies; providing legal services for Chinese companies listing in UK and Australia; providing legal services for US and UK companies investing in China.


Shi Chao Zou

Mr. Tian is a founding partner of Shanghai Landing Law Offices in March 2018. Before joining Landy, Mr. Tian worked in the U.K. as a lawyer for multinational companies. He worked and practiced at Clifford Chance, Zhong Lun, Zhongyin Law Firm and Dacheng Law Offices.

Tian's experience in cross-border investment, real estate, corporate equity and governance, and marriage and family helps clients deal with cross-border investment, planning and inheritance of their families' cross-border wealth, as well as dispute resolution. Through the changes of family members' identities, make use of the flexible legal systems of offshore jurisdictions such as Cayman and BVI which involve overseas investment structures to make trust arrangements, and orderly transfer domestic assets to offshore in the form of equity, so as to achieve the purposes of wealth isolation, bankruptcy protection, reduction of tax burden and family wealth inheritance. Mr. Tian is also part-time tutor of Law School of East China University of Science and Technology.


Jie Tian

Lawyer at Shanghai Landing Law Offices, LL.M in International Commercial Law & Dispute Resolution at Straus Institute of Pepperdine Caruso School of Law.  


Practice Areas:

International Arbitration
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Cross-Border Litigation
Cross-Border Trade


Eddie Gou