William MA



License No.: 13101201710655193

William is an independent lawyer at Shanghai Landing Law Offices, lead counsel of "Landing-Mexico" and "William's Legal Team, Landing Global". Collaborating with international lawyers, William had successfully represented his Chinese Clients in settlement negotiations in trademark infringement cases with American businesses and represented Chinese enterprises in international business transaction negotiations on foreign lands.



Law School:

Chicago-Kent College of Law





Practice Areas:

Dispute Resolutions,

International Business Transactions.


Successful Cases:

Litigation: Fu v. Yang, Dispute over real estate.  Successfully reclaimed the ownership of the apartment for the client through litigation where the client was the only heir of a deceased owner of an apartment that had already been sold to another.


Negotiation:  Hangzhou Leasing Company Insolvency Case. Convinced a bank to discharge all credit card debts owed by more than a dozen clients.

New York Trademark Infringement Cases. Convinced the trademark owner to discharge one-third of the damages.


International Business Transaction: Collaborating with international lawyers, represented Chinese companies in international business negotiations